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Cobra Extracts


Cobra Extracts

(2 customer reviews)


minimum order = 5 carts

Available Strains:

Sunset Sherbet
Purple Punch
Bubba Kush
Diablo OG
Grape Ape
Malibu OG
Northern Lights
Blue Dream
Jack Herer
Sour Diesel
Strawberry Cough
710 Connoisseur
OG Kush
Pineapple Express
Skywalker OG
Wedding Cake


cobra extracts CO2 oil cartridges are produced using an all natural extraction process that utilizes cold extraction and cold filtration. We believe in not messing around with what mother nature has made. There are no additives or preservatives in our products; and we never cut our oil with anything. Our CO2 oil strives to maintain the full spectrum profile of the plant to be as close to the flower of any extract available. buy Cobra Extracts online.

ELEV8 Distillate Cartridges

Our award winning distillate cartridges are known for their flavor and potency.First place winner for best vape cartridge at the 2018 High Times Cannabis Cup. A balance of potency and flavor that is unparalleled. Our terpene profiles are completely proprietary and have been developed with consumers in mind. These distillate cartridges are available in variety of flavors. We are continuously improving and will continue to add additional strains on a regular basis. Buy Cobra Extracts online

Nectar Sticks

We offer our CO2 and distillate oil in a convenient nectar stick. This allows consumers to enjoy our oil in a variety of different ways: cooking/baking, joint/bowl toppers, refill cartridges, or dab directly.


2 reviews for Cobra Extracts

  1. Yvonne Brown


    I went to my dispensary POT ENDS inc to buy some cartridges from another maker (they were much more expensive) recently and saw yours on the shelf. I loved the great packaging. Cobra catches the eye. So I asked about them and the budtender was excited to show them to me. He showed me a Jack Herer 500mg. The concentration level was 74%!! Like 370 mg of THC. Those numbers are so much higher than anything I have smoked before. And it was much cheaper in price!! For sure I wanted to try it out. The budtender told me about the review on YouTube reviewing the Romulan strain. We watched it later and its so good. On point with everything he says. Tried out the Jack Herer and the flavor was so right on. Perfect intensity and just like smelling the flower while in bloom. I am so happy with this cartridge!! I can refill it with the nectar sticks and save a few busks also. HIGH MARKS TO ALL YOU DO. I was told a chemist with a PhD in this stuff helped make it and it shows. Thank you!!!!

  2. Jr Mata

    purchase 5 cartridges every two week with no leaks for over a year! the one that stands out and that I have been searching the globe for? Cobras Bruce Banner! ❤️ the only dispensary in my area! They Carried cobras close down?I don’t think people understand how truly good these are I am a medical patient and this was my antidepressant now it’s gone! and I don’t think people know how good these really are? I have had every single strain they make the Granddaddy Purple is the best Granddaddy Purple I’ve ever had and I’ve had it by numerous other companies! but it’s the Bruce Banner that I long for! so please if there is a dispensary in this area? or if Cobra you’re reading this how can I get this again? 🙏 I was hooked on these things for well over a year! never had a problem with the cartridges? leaking or any of that!❤️❤️❤️ Bruce Banner oil just is a total change of mindset! if you suffer from anxiety or depression this cartridge! is for you! and I miss it! ty❤️🙏

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